Two documents were produced following the culmination of The Ambition Question that sought to summarise the body of work.

The Ambition Question – A Short Guide.

This short overview seeks to provide a concise overview to the different conversations that took place during the project. It is intended to give accessible information to young people, parents, and teachers as well as other interested individuals who wish to know more about this project seeking to understand the main themes that my conversations generated.

It is available free to download as a pdf.

The Ambition Question – e-book
What I learnt from meeting a World Cup winning Rugby Coach, an Aussie Surf Lifeguard, round-the world cyclists, a teenage mother, and a Cambodian Village Chief (amongst others).

This e-book provides a longer narrative account of the project. Incorporating a number of pivotal conversations from my trip and expanding on some of the original blog posts, it seeks to present my own experience of this project into one cohesive book. This book is intended to give readers a deeper understanding of the different opinions that were shared but also of each author’s rationale and experience. Although I hope many people will find this book interesting it is particularly intended to aid young people with their own growing awareness of the world around them.

It is available to purchase as a download from