‘Pockets full of excellence do not make a coat’

In addition to meeting with students, teachers and members of the public, I was also keen to speak with people involved in services for young people. In Wellington I met with Nyk, currently completing a PhD into how policy is successfully implemented and who previously worked with an organisation involved in the delivery of tertiary education across New Zealand; seeking to ensure there was a good quality of experience for all students.

2013-12-23 12.15.58 HDR

New Zealand is widely regarded as having a forward thinking and progressive offering for its young people but one that does not always serve all of its communities equally. Notably, Maori and Pacifica students often do not achieve as well at school as other groups and so I was keen to hear Nyk’s perspective on the education sector from a societal level.

2013-12-22 16.33.45 HDR
Hear Nyk’s thoughts on the strengths of the NZ education system:

As well as his thoughts on the challenges that the system faces:

Nyk was passionate about the role of education and the place it can play in helping a society to move forward. He was also generous to share his thoughts on his own ambitions, and what it was like living in the capital city of Wellington..


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