‘Be brave – what’s the worst that could happen?’

On my sailing trip the views of Mike, the Canadian who sailed his family through the South Pacific, and Angel, the French lady who was cycling around the world on a tandem, were echoed by the German couple travelling with me.

2013-12-07 15.18.01 HDR
Stefan and Mona were from Stuttgart and both had stories to tell of how they felt the right attitude was key.

‘Find your passion. Sometimes it can take time to find it. Maybe even it will change. But then follow it. You will never regret it – no matter where it takes you. And, really don’t worry too much what society tells you to do. My passion is starting things up and I have done that – I have just launched yourxpert.de [a new website service]’

‘But it is important to also think about the outcome of your passions on other people and the environment you are in. So think a lot also about the impact your stuff might have on others – both positive and negative’.
– Stefan

‘My advice? Pretty much the same; be brave. I worked for the government for eight years, and am now doing freelance stuff, writing a novel; what I want to do.’

‘When we discuss things we sit down and write what is the worst that might happen, but then you figure out that it isn’t really too bad. That process really helped [to decide to quit her job]’
– Mona


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