‘Nothing is impossible’

In Paiai, in the north of New Zealand, I met a French couple that was taking on the daunting but mind-blowing challenge of cycling around the world for 29 months. They had started off in continental America, cycling from New York to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil; following this up by cycling from Madrid in Spain, to Moscow in Russia; before exploring India and Sri Lanka after which they then headed further through Asia, cycling from Malaysia to Hong Kong.

2013-12-06 14.57.24 HDR

Directly prior to arriving in New Zealand they had been in Australia and now with seven months to go they were soon to be heading for home with their final leg taking them from Greece to their home in France.

2013-12-06 15.07.04 HDR

Prior to commencing the trip Lionel had been a train driver and Angel was a student. I spoke with Angel about her thoughts on such an amazing feat.

‘Everything is possible. Nothing is impossible. You need to follow your dream. There are always people who can help you. Everything is possible if you believe in yourself.’

‘At first I couldn’t cycle even 50km but you work up to things. There are always people everywhere who do not understand you. They are good as they keep you motivated.’ 

You can follow their trip here.


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