The Sunshine Coast – final thoughts

‘The quality of life here is perfect. Sometimes it’s too perfect’

Whereas in Singapore each and every person talked about the hard work ethic required and how safe a country it is, throughout Queensland there was constant recognition of the quality of life offered by living in such a community. Whether or not everybody shares the above opinion that was shared with me by a local businessperson I can not of course be sure. Regardless, but it was very clear that people in Queensland know it is a great place to live and seek to fully embrace it. Similarly, young people appear to enjoy growing up here. Whether they fit the cliché of being a surfer or not, the young people I met all loved the Sunny Coast, and you can see why.
2013-10-20 11.22.01

One potential downside that was mentioned in a number of conversations was the availability of work for young people when they finish school. Like in many places young people readily move elsewhere – such as Brisbane or further afield, to find work unless they want to work in the smaller local businesses or the main industry locally, that is tourism.

2013-10-20 13.52.07

The other notable observation was just how many people I met in the area who hadn’t originally grown up in Queensland. Being a young country Australia naturally has many stories of people who have moved there and this seemed particularly evident on the Sunshine Coast – both families who had immigrated to Australia itself, but also those who had lived elsewhere in the country before moving there in order to raise their family. 

In fact, a number of people made it clear that moving to the Sunshine Coast had been one of their own ambitions, which they were pleased had lived up to their expectations. So, perhaps its not surprising that given there was a clear desire to move here that many people then seek to make the most of what this amazing area has to offer..


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