The wide open road, some motorbikes… and a lot of pink underwear…

A car is a pretty critical part of Australian culture given the large distances often involved, and during my time a number of teenagers talked about saving for their first set of wheels. Motorbikes too were also very popular – mostly though with adults from what I could make out; seeing a lot of them cruising about up and down the Sunshine Coast.


During my visit I met Pete, an avid motorcyclist who runs his own business and who has just set up a non-profit organisation where he delivers leadership training courses to community groups. Pete was keen to share his thoughts on the ambition question as he himself had grown up in a tough area of New Zealand where many of his peer group had ended up in prison at a young age and he was aware his life had taken a different route.

2013-10-19 12.25.33

Not long after I left town, Pete attended a charity motorbike event in aid of breast cancer where he was able to persuade some of the other riders to share their own thoughts on the ambition question.



‘Get a second opinion’


‘Go out there and live it!’

2  1 11

          ‘Don’t do it!!!’                                          ‘Run!’                            ‘Listen to parents. Save your money’


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