(Super) ice cream man…

As I wrote in a previous post, Australia is one huge country. And with all of this available space, Australians seem to love spending their time outside and enjoying it.

On parts of the Sunshine Coast you can drive your 4×4 car on the long beach. You need a permit of course, but these can be purchased on the day, and then you can simply drive miles into the distance, with many families taking a tent and having a few days firmly away from the pressures of civilisation.

2013-10-18 13.22.08  2013-10-18 13.29.31

The afternoon I drove along, we passed a youth group backpacking along the beach – similar to the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme back home in the UK. Truth be told; they were a long, long way from anywhere.

2013-10-18 14.12.56

After driving on the beach you need to carefully clean your car of the sand and saltwater. Cleaning his van as we left was the local ice cream man, who surely has one of the most unique jobs; cruising up and down the most amazing beach each day in his 4×4.

‘This is a lovely place to live. A regret I have? I went to Uni, but it was not for me; it’s not for everyone.’

‘I regret not trying a trade – maybe electronics, or engineering. That would have suited me better.’

2013-10-18 14.56.46


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