A big BIG country

Australia is a massive country. Being from the (much smaller) UK it is hard at times to really understand the vast distances involved. Mainland Europe in fact fits comfortably within the landmass of Australia, and in many remote areas people have planes to fly between different places.

Oz mapAt the same time, the country is very sparsely populated – especially away from the major cities and the eastern coast, with very small towns often having huge distances between them. As a result, many school students in really remote areas study online via web conference. How might that kind of environment influence young people and their ambitions?

On a more humorous note, around the country there is a series of ‘big’ things; tourist attractions, which, often being on a major highway serve as a place to visit and potentially break up the long drives.

Here’s me visiting the Big Cow, the Big Shell and the Big Pineapple.

2013-10-20 12.07.41
2013-10-18 15.24.54

2013-10-20 08.30.04

One person I spoke to wondered if Australia had ‘big’ things to make up for not having ‘old’ stuff, like we do back in Britain. And then the conversation took an even more bemusing turn.

‘There uses to be a medium sized pineapple over in Gympie, but then we got this.’



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