Teenagers, hanging around, and up to no good…?

I was in Singapore for just over a week and during this time I rarely saw groups of kids just hanging around (to use the British phrase) and appearing to be at a loose end. Yes, they were always out and about – but seemingly much more doing activities, or clearly on the way to do something else, rather than just killing time.

I was somewhat surprised then when I came across one group of teenagers hanging out in a subway station, which in the middle of the day was quiet of commuters and so meant it in fact a perfect for them to practice their slalom skating – a sport where competitors complete a planned routine to music.

Image‘There’s lots of stress in Singapore; lots of completion for jobs. We’re 17 and 18, and now at a polytechnic so the next step is Uni. Sometimes people kick our cones away but not too often’  



3 thoughts on “Teenagers, hanging around, and up to no good…?

  1. Stratford Shopping Centre is a public throughway so it is open even late at night. You will always find groups of youths in there doing ‘activities’. It changes with fads: rollerblading, hulahooping, body popping, cycling – all have been part players in the time I lived there. Quite often groups will practice dancing by using the reflections of the shops as mirrors.

    What always amazed me is that the security guards didn’t move anyone on. If anything, there was a realisation that it made the space safer because of the larger numbers of people. Yet I feel like there are few spaces in England where this would be allowed – and I would be amazed if any child was allowed to do it in the day!

    • I completely agree. Similarly, in Australia, I ran into a fair number of groups hanging out and using public spaces in a positive way but I feel that has receded in the UK in recent years.

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