University students, Singapore



Having recently spoken with a couple of British University students I was keen to hear from young people studying in Singapore.

Singapore is acclaimed for its educational system but there was always frequent mention of it being a stressful system for its students.  I met two University students, Hafeez, 21, and Aaron, 22, who like all Singaporean men had to serve compulsory military service prior to commencing University.


‘I’m training to be a cook. The pay isn’t great. Doing National Service helped give me some breathing space. Life in Singapore is generally stressful. There’s lots of competition and pressure from parents. And there is lots of studying; 9-10 hours a day. Yes the stress is definitely true. It’s fast paced for students and there is little break on holidays – lots of enrichment classes. My advice? Give it a shot and come up with your own conclusions. Don’t let anything stop you.’
– Aaron.


– Hafeez 


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