My trip – the year ahead

In early October I depart the UK for a journey that will take in a number of countries and help me to further explore this question. During this time I’m going to be staying with friends and former colleagues, working with educational projects in different places, visiting schools, interviewing teachers, and trying to meet a whole range of people in these different communities to help me understand as much as I can about the ambitions of young people and what is needed to help them get there.


In November I start work with Teach for New Zealand in Auckland (the sister programme of Teach First in the UK); in February I’m going to be supporting United World Schools with their network of schools in Cambodia, and finally I’m going to be in Malaysia in March supporting teachers to deliver mentor and community projects in their schools. Alongside this I’ll be stopping off in Singapore, Australia and Hong Kong where I hope to also be running a few further mentor programmes.

Camodia display

If you know anyone I should be talking to as part of my trip – either online or in person, please drop me a line!


2 thoughts on “My trip – the year ahead

  1. I taught for a year in New Zealand in 1996 and although the kids were friendly enough they had very little ambition. They certainly didn’t want to learn ( teaching methods were partly responsible ) This appeared to be the norm in most of the schools I came into contact with. I would be fascinated to hear from you and whether you think this has improved.Keep in touch….it’s a shame they prefer that awkward shaped ball over there…the kids had plenty of ambition in that sphere.

  2. Thanks Dave – the first comment to the blog! Yes, I think that is interesting – how ambitions can be so different depending on the area of interest. I’m hoping to meet some students during my time in New Zealand and so will try and keep you posted!

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